Health Care occupations remain highest paid in Kan.

TOPEKA, Kan. – The 2013 Kansas Wage Survey, now available online, is produced in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics by the Labor Market Information Services (LMIS) at the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL).

The published wage data are possible due to thousands of Kansas employers who participated in the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Wage Survey over the past three years. The data collected in the OES Wage Survey provides valuable input for wage comparisons and for identifying trends in emerging or declining occupations — precisely the kind of information needed by both employers as well as those who are choosing or changing careers. Approximately 4,500 Kansas employers are surveyed each year through the semiannual mail survey.
• The Wage Survey reports the Kansas average hourly wage increased to $19.53 an hour in May 2012 from $19.24 in May 2011.

• Health-care occupations remained the highest paying jobs in Kansas, with the highest wage paid to obstetricians and gynecologists at an average of $115.76 an hour. Nationally, the average hourly wage for this same occupation was listed at $104.21.

• Seven of the 10 highest paying occupations in Kansas were health-care related. Seven of the 10 lowest paid occupations in Kansas were in the food preparation and serving related group and the other three are in the personal care and service occupations.

• Retail salespersons, cashiers, registered nurses, general office clerks and workers in the food industry showed some of the highest estimated employment numbers for 2012.

This publication provides employment and wage estimates by occupation. In addition to statewide and MSA numbers, it publishes estimates for 12 sub state areas (Local Area’s and Projection Regions), which are based on Kansas’s labor market areas, along with all 105 counties.

“Data used from the OES report can be used to project future job demands,” said Lana Gordon, Kansas Secretary of Labor. “Jobseekers and employers can also use the OES data during wage and salary discussions.”

KDOL is now in the midst of the latest OES Wage Survey. OES survey forms are mailed to employers throughout the state. If your company receives the survey, realize that the quality and level of detail that we will be able to provide from this survey will depend on the cooperation received from the employer community.

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