State Treasurer may have money for Kansans at State Fair

TOPEKA, Kan. — State Treasurer Ron Estes announced today that individuals who attend this year’s Kansas State Fair may come across hidden treasure by finding their names listed among thousands of unclaimed property listings.

The State Treasurer’s Office will host a booth fully equipped with computers and staff ready to assist Kansans with their unclaimed property searches at the fair, Sept. 6 – 15.

Currently, there is more than $251 million in unclaimed assets held by the State Treasurer’s Office. Everyone is encouraged to stop by and check to see if their name or those of friends and family is listed.

This money comes from forgotten bank accounts, stocks, bonds, insurance premium overpayments, refunds, abandoned safe deposit boxes and other property. It is the Treasurer’s goal to locate the rightful owners and heirs of unclaimed assets currently being held by the State of Kansas.

“We had tremendous success at last year’s Kansas State Fair where we matched $331, 532 to rightful owners,” said State Treasurer Ron Estes. “We hope to achieve even better results this year.”

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