Review: New mom and mom-to-be skin care

By Twinkle VanWinkle, Lin Lifestyle Expert

Recently I received some skin care products to review and reached out to some respected bloggers to test them out and give their feedback. This is part seven in a summer-long series, featuring Stacy Quasebarth of Squirrel Chatter. -Twinkle

Recently I had the pleasure of trying Beauté de Maman’s line of skincare products developed by a board-certified OBGYN especially for the delicate skin of pregnant women. At first I was a little skeptical of noticing any sort of difference beyond the gentle approach I was already taking, but in fact, I was blown away.

I am typically not one for boutique skin creams as I prefer to be able to grab my beauty products at any local grocery – I am, after all, a busy mama! (*NOTE: the Beauté de Maman website says you can find their products at CVS now!) One-stop trips are key nowadays.

Between the face and body acne cream and the facial scrub, blackheads that have been on my nose for as long as I can remember have vanished – and we are talking post baby #1 blackheads here!  Pretty much a miracle worker this stuff! In fact I plan on using it after pregnancy to see if it will continue to help with my light adult acne issues. It cleared everything up that no product I have used before has!

It is made with gentle and natural ingredients like tea tree oil – which you can smell hints of in the acne cream. With hormones being crazy with breastfeeding etc., I am sure I will get way more than nine months of benefit out of these products.

If you are suffering from pregnancy skin issues, like hormone-induced acne, sensitive skin when you didn’t have that before and stretch marks – this line is the perfect product to try.

I imagine if you are not accustomed to the smell of tea tree oil that that might set you back at first on the acne cream, but I found it was still just faint enough to not bother my queasy tummy.

The facial scrub is indeed a scrub that I don’t prefer to use everyday. This typically doesn’t bother me at all, but if I am having a particularly sensitive night it does.

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I was provided with a sample of each product to test and review. All opinions are 100% mine.


Stacy Quasebarth is a Marketing Manager specializing in social media, identity, website and print design, as well as web maintenance and event marketing materials. She also writes her thoughts about life and family at Squirrel Chatter.




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