Sharing a birthday with 9-11

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OLPE, KS — While the nation remembers September 11th as a day of terror, for one Olpe family, it is a day of celebration.

Nicolette Schleisman talked to a 12-year-old who was born the exact same time United Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field, 12 years ago.

A class full of children born in 2001 learning about September 11th. But for one student, it is more than just the anniversary of the attacks.

“Well, it’s my birthday,” said Alexus Stevens.

Alexus, or Lexi, Stevens was born on September 11, 2001, right as United Flight 93 crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 in the morning, Eastern time. Her mother says she went into labor as the second World Trade Center tower was hit.

“Everybody was just focused on the TV. And I can remember after having her that I was crying. And I can’t remember if I was crying because I had a beautiful little girl or if I was crying because I felt guilty,” said Erica Stevens, Lexi’s mother.

Lexi did not start learning what her birthday really meant until she was 7.

“I was happy because it was my birthday but then I started learning about the 9-11 and everything that happened that day and it really surprised me how many people died or never was found that they don’t know if they’re alive or not, that it just kind of really shocked me,” said Lexi.

Sharing her day with the rest of the world has taught her about the American spirit.

“I believe that the courage of the people of flight 93 kind of in a strange way passed on to her. I believe it’s made her for who she is,” said Erica.

“Celebrate it more than just a day. Like where I give all my thanks to veterans and firefighters and people like that. I also get to celebrate my birthday,” said Lexi.

Celebrating Lexi’s 12th year of life, on a day when thousands lost theirs.

Lexi and her mother say that although she was born on September 11, they try to celebrate the weekend before or after out of respect for those who lost their lives.

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