New Insect Control Method

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New research may have found an environmentally safe form of insect control.

Kansas State University entomologists have discovered a new gene that controls reproduction.
Entomologist Yoonseong Park discovered a neuropeptide that regulates sexual activity in insects like fruit flies, red flour beetles and silk moths.
He collaborated with researchers from south Korea and Slovakia.
Together they discovered they can suppress this gene-and that dramatically reduces the number of eggs produced by the insects.
He says this discovery could open the doors to a unique form of insect control.

“So this system can be eventually, possibly useable for blocking this biological process in the pest so kind of an insect-unique system which is going to be helping for developing environmentally benign method of pest control. ”

Park says this discovery is also important for understanding basic biology because it provides more information about how the brain functions with the Neurosystem.

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