More people evacuated amid progress reaching cut-off communities

DENVER (AP) — Authorities in Colorado say they’re slowly making progress reaching residents stranded in mountain communities cut off by flooding.

The National Guard says its convoys have evacuated nearly 800 people from the town of Lyons, while its helicopters have lifted nearly 300 people and their pets from Jamestown. The Guard says about 400 troops and a dozen helicopters have joined the rescue effort.

The National Guard has also been airdropping food, water and other supplies to people stranded in narrow canyons in the Rocky Mountain foothills.

Two more towns east of Greeley are being evacuated. Authorities ordered residents of Goodrich and Orchard to leave their homes this morning. They’re very close to three large reservoirs.

Meanwhile, the city of Boulder is working to address a break in a sewer main that is allowing raw sewage to enter Boulder Creek. The city says there’s no immediate threat to the drinking water in Boulder or Lafayette, but residents are being urged to restrict water usage.

Days of heavy rain sent water rushing from the mountains into communities below, inundating farms and destroyed roads and bridges, turning neighborhoods and towns into islands.

The flooding affects parts of a 4,500-square-mile area, almost the size of Connecticut.

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