Arrests made in multiple robberies in Topeka

Earlier this summer there were robbery’s to Check Into Cash at 3711 SW Plaza Dr. on July 24, 2013, EZ Pay Day Advance at 2613 SW 21st on July 29, 2013 and Family Dollar at 2616 SE 6th on August 3, 2013.

These robberies have been under investigation by the Topeka Police Department and the FBI.  Early this morning, the FBI and Topeka Police Department executed three search warrants related to these robberies within the City of Topeka.

The following subjects were all located and arrested without incident for these robberies:

  • Xavier Sims, 26  years old from Topeka
  • xavier sims
  • Henry Davis, 40  years old from Topeka
  • henry davis
  • Robert Redmond,41 years old from Topeka
  • robert redmond

These three have all been indicted federally under the Hobbs Act for their parts in these robberies.

Two others currently in custody in California and Utah have also been indicted for their part in the robberies.  They are Quartez Norwood, 31 years old and Henry Sirvira, 45 years old.

quartez norwoodhenry sirvira

Any further questions regarding these arrests should be directed toward the U.S. Attorney’s office.


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