St. Francis and Stormont-Vail announce collaboration

(St. Francis Health Care) – Stormont-Vail HealthCare and St. Francis Health will soon begin a new collaboration of Pediatrics and Neonatal services. The collaboration is anticipated to bring more consistent and efficient inpatient Pediatrics and Neonatal care to northeast Kansas. The ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality care in the most efficient way as close to home and family as possible.

“Topeka is a health care hub for our region,” said Randy Peterson, President and CEO of Stormont-Vail HealthCare. “By working together, we will be able to maintain, grow and enhance the services offered here in Topeka.”

“We are called to be more creative, accountable and innovative in delivering the highest quality of care and the most value for those that we are privileged to serve in our ministry, “said Robert Erickson, President and CEO of St. Francis Health.   “We did not have to look far to find a partner to collaborate in this endeavor.   It is a new day and we look forward to working together for the benefit of our patients and the communities we collectively serve in northeast Kansas.”

Currently, each hospital has its own Pediatric Hospitalist staff, plus several pediatric specialists. The new collaboration will combine the Pediatric Hospitalist staffs into one group which will provide inpatient pediatrics care at both hospitals. This will allow both hospitals to provide the same high quality care as always, but in a more efficient and cost effective way.

“It’s great to see Stormont Vail and St. Francis working together for neonatology and pediatric patients at both facilities, for the betterment of the entire region we serve,” said Thomas J. Hamilton, DO, St. Francis Health Chief Medical Officer.

In neonatology services, Stormont-Vail Neonatal Intensive Care physicians will provide coverage for St. Francis’ Special Care Nursery. The result will be more capacity in Topeka for infants who need specialized care at or shortly after birth. Neonatal coverage will enhance the care at St. Francis’ Special Care Nursery, and will establish an efficient care path for babies who need to be referred for intensive care at Stormont-Vail’s NICU.  At the same time, if Stormont-Vail’s NICU is at capacity, babies requiring the services of a Special Care Nursery could be transferred from Stormont-Vail to St. Francis when necessary.

“We hope that the clinical collaboration between our hospitals will provide a continuum of care between the St. Francis Special Care Nursery and Stormont-Vail NICU that will allow more babies to receive their high-level neonatal care right here in Topeka,” said Sue Hall, MD, Medical Director, Stormont-Vail Neonatal Intensive Care.

Stormont-Vail and St. Francis have collaborated to provide several other services. The two organizations jointly operate Building Blocks, a daycare center, and Lifestar, an air ambulance service. In the past, the two jointly owned and operated Kansas Dialysis and MRI Center of Kansas.


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