Ex-Tyco execs out of prison, face parole hearings

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — They face parole hearings soon, but disgraced former Tyco executives Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Swartz already have left a minimum-security prison in New York City for steady clerical jobs and overnights in apartments.

Former CEO Kozlowski and ex-chief financial officer Swartz are among 304 inmates in the state’s work-release program. After a period spending nights or weekends back at Lincoln Correctional Facility, they now only have to report in weekly.

Defense attorneys say their clients should get paroled after completing the minimums of their 8 1/3-to-25-year sentences for corporate fraud and paying $134 million in restitution to Tyco and $105 million in fines.

Swartz is a law office assistant. Kozlowski is a clerk at a technology company. Their lawyers and state officials won’t say where the men are working or living.

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