Topeka girl collects cans to help those in need

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TOPEKA, KS — A Topeka girl is making laps around her neighborhood, going door to door, but she’s not selling anything.

Nicolette Schleisman tagged along on this girl’s mission of goodwill.

11-year-old Peighton Jones started PJ’s Closet when she was just 6-years-old. Collecting cans around her neighborhood with her red wagon in tow.

“We were at Walmart one day and we saw this mother and daughter with a whole cart of groceries and it was things that they needed and they had to put some of it back cause they couldn’t afford it,” said Peighton.

For four years, she has been giving as she can collect to the Topeka Rescue Mission.

“From the time she was able to talk, she was always a thoughtful little girl, and I suppose I wish we could take some credit for that, but the truth is that’s just how she’s wired,” said Jones.

Peighton says it is not about getting attention.

“I would hope that people who see me doing this would maybe start something like this to help other people,” said Peighton.

The Topeka Rescue Mission says they are grateful for any donation, but coming from Peighton, it means much more.

“To see someone this young, working so hard, it helps set an example for the community, not just for young people, but for adults too. And it just sets an example that’s just wonderful,” said Bill Ritchey, advocate for the Topeka Rescue Mission.

For Peighton, seeing the community come together to help her out is what makes it worth the hard work.

“They all are helping me out and that shows they have a heart for people who don’t have everything that we all have,” said Peighton.

This year, Peighton set a goal of 3,000 cans, her dad’s co-workers collected over 3,500 cans, and Peighton hopes to collect a thousand more this weekend in her neighborhood.

They will drop off the donations to Topeka Rescue Mission next weekend.

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