Brown v. Board of Education Site prepping for immediate shutdown

[lin_video src= service=syndicaster width=480 height=510 div_id=videoplayer-1380599147 type=script]

The Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site is prepping to close its doors if Washington cannot come to a compromise…and the federal government shuts down at the midnight deadline.

The site says it’s national director called Monday afternoon to say to be ready for an, “immediate shutdown.”

15 workers at the park would be furloughed.

The Brown v. Board’s Superintendent David Smith says after midnight tonight, they will be putting up “no trespassing signs,” and securing the property.

Smith says – the timing couldn’t be worse when it is at its busiest with school field trips.

“No school programs. It means no tourists getting off the highway stopping by to check out the site, it means no family visits….it means nothing,” Smith said.  “It does mean cancelling as quickly as possible, for example all of the school programs this week or the programs that we’re doing in the community this week…we spend getting out with the communities, so, that’s all got to stop. My fear is that we’re not going to have enough time to really let folks know that things are cancelled here at the park.”

Smith says the last time this happened to National Parks was in 1995 when sites were closed for a month.

The shutdown would also close 4 other national parks in the state: Fort Scott, Fort Larned, Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve and Nicodemus.

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