German exports up slightly in August

BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s exports rose in August over the previous month and its trade surplus widened, but it was lower than a year ago amid weak demand from other countries using the euro currency and outside Europe.

The Federal Statistical Office reported Tuesday that August exports, adjusted for seasonal and calendar differences, totaled 91.5 billion euros in August, up 1 percent from 90.7 billion euros in July. Imports rose a more gradual 0.4 percent to 75.9 billion euros for a trade surplus of 15.6 billion euros.

In unadjusted terms, exports were down 5.4 percent to 85.3 billion over August 2012 and imports dropped 2.2 percent to 72.2 billion euros.

The export drop was driven by a 7.2 percent decline in goods to non-European countries and a 4.1 percent drop in the Eurozone.

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