Emporia celebrates 50th anniversary of March on Washington

As people all across the country celebrate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march in Washington, one Kansas community is coming together to honor the civil rights leader.

50 years later, Emporia is remembering the message Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to the crowded mall in Washington in 1964.
“We have a legacy to our children, to our grandchildren, and we want them to know it wasn’t just all of a sudden like this, we came up struggling for this,” said Estee Galloway.
Estee Galloway was 6 years old when Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed the nation with his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.
“I remember watching the march on the TV when I was young, everybody I knew was glued to the TV,” said Galloway.
That is why he joined the emporia community to march in remembrance of what that day stood for 50 years ago and now.
“It was brought together to bring everyone together. and to show the community that we’re united. because a lot of the times we talk to each other every once in a while, but it should be known that we say hi to each other every day and that your struggle is my struggle,” said Rev. Larry D. Williams, St. James Missionary Baptist Church.
A community honoring the past and looking to the changes that still need to be made.

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