Recap: Governor’s State of the State Address

Governor Sam Brownback says his top priority for the budget this year is education.
It was a main part of the governor’s state of the state address he delivered Tuesday evening at the statehouse.
“God is in heaven, the legislature is back, and the crane is gone,” Governor Sam Brownback said.
At the start of his 2014 state of the state address, Governor Sam Brownback praised the near completion of renovations at the statehouse….and the change of the city’s skyline after a more than decades long project.
Looking ahead, Brownback said loud and clear: education is the number one item in the state budget.
“An increase in the student count for kindergarten age students every year for the next five years.”
Brownback also touted his reading roadmap initiative.
The economy and employment were also high on his list.
“Our unemployment rate has gone from 6.9 percent to 5.1 percent tied for the tenth lowest rate in the United States.”
He said many of the state’s rural areas – are facing a housing shortage.
Brownback proposed $2 million to focus on moderate income housing and bringing more doctors to those areas.
“By the end of this decade for the first time in our history, Kansas’ population will surpass three million people.”
He rounded out his speech talking about the future for the three millionth Kansan.
The soon-to-be National Bio and Agro Defense Facility at Kansas State University brought both parties to their feet.
“NBAF will be built and Kansas will be the center of the global animal health industry for generations to come,” Brownback said.
At the end, the governor said that Kansas is leading an American Renaissance.
“Our future is bright. Our renaissance is assured if we move from dithering to action.”

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