Actor on Friday’s Grimm has Topeka ties

Its story is set in Portland, the NBC drama, “Grimm” focuses on its main character’s abilities to see supernatural creatures.

But for some Topeka viewers, this week, their eyes were on the victim of one of those supernatural creatures.

As Rick Douglas Robinson and his family tuned into NBC’s Grimm Friday, they were watching for a special guest on the show. Robinson’s eldest son, Todd.
“I’m a proud papa,” said Rick Douglas.
Todd has been in Portland for 20 years, trying to make his dreams as an actor come true. Friday night, he made it onto national TV, on “Grimm,” as Troy Dodge.
Todd has been into movies since he was a kid.
“He and a friend wrote their own movie, their first movie, when he was about 10 or 11 years old.”
After he graduated high school, Todd joined the Navy, when he got out, he lived in Topeka for two years. During that time, he landed three consecutive roles at the Topeka Civic Theatre, Robinson says those roles got him back into the business.
“When I did those shows at TCT, I got bit by the bug again, and it put that fever back in me,” said Todd.
After 20 years of working to make a name for himself, his role on Grimm is jumping off point.
“Something like this feels like vindication, look this is real, I’m really doing this, and all of that energy and love and time that you’ve invested in me is paying off,” said Todd.
“He wants to get better all the time, and I hope that someone recognizes that and sees him and realizes how bad he wants it and helps to make him successful,” said Todd.
Even though his character was killed off in the “Grimm” universe, Todd hopes the role will keep the momentum of his career going.

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