Football exhibit to open in Manhattan

The Flint Hills Discovery Center will open its "Football: The Exhibit" starting this Saturday.

“Football: The Exhibit” is coming to the Flint Hills Discovery Center. It opens Saturday and runs through the end of May where football fans will get an up-close and personal view of the sport from a more mathematical and scientific way than usual.

“There’s things that everybody can do, regardless of your athletic ability, regardless of your age, and that’s the whole intent of this,” Fred Goss, Flint Hills Discovery Center Director said. “Take it from just a static exhibit, and to really let people do something once they arrive. Whether that’s relaxing and being part of the exhibition, or having those great family moments to make a memory here.”

The 3,000 square-foot  exhibit is designed to be family friendly and interactive. It has more than two dozen hands-on activities.

“What makes the game so special and what is truly unique about it and all the sciences that’s behind it, that really is prominent in today’s game,” Goss said. “From how fast the 40-time is, to weightlifting. Trajectory of a ball. Why is spins the way it does for when it’s thrown when you’re a southpaw quarterback vs right-handed.”

So if you want to become a Hall of Fame quarterback, this could be a good place to start.

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