Topeka West student charged with soliciting first degree murder

A 17-year-old Topeka West student has been charged with plotting a school shooting.

Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor held a press conference Wednesday morning, announcing a 17-year-old has been charged with four counts of soliciting first degree murder. According to court records, the teen is Brendan Moore, a student at Topeka West.
“This is a student who was orchestrating an attempt to terminate the lives of two law enforcement officers and two administrators inside of the Topeka West High School,” said Taylor.
Four counts of soliciting murder in the first degree. Topeka West student Brendan Moore was charged with that Tuesday night.
According to Taylor, Moore was planning on killing two law enforcement officers, one a school resource officer, and two Topeka West Administrators. The teen was arrested Tuesday night at a facility located outside of Shawnee County.
“I think that there are a lot of troubled kids in the world today, and I think that when a tragedy like this happens or a tragedy like Columbine or Sandy Hook happens, it makes us realize that there are a lot of troubled kids in the world,” said Taylor.
While Taylor did not release a lot of information about this case, he did say the plan was a viable threat. They have been investigating the plot since mid December.
It is a crisis averted. That is the message Taylor made clear in a press conference Wednesday morning.
“This goes to the importance of teachers, and fellow students, and administrators, and parents paying attention to what is going on in their kids lives,” said Taylor.

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