Legislative Session brings more business to Downtown

The legislative session is underway, and that means more people are heading downtown. Not just to do business on Capitol Hill, but to do business at the restaurants and shops there as well.

 Nicolette Schleisman tells us why business owners in Downtown look forward to the beginning of the legislature.
“You can tell they came in last week and they’re coming in this week too,” said Moeg.
Edward Moeg has owned HBB Barbeque in Downtown Topeka for a little more than a year.
“Last year we were new, a lot of people didn’t even know we were here, they found us toward the end of the session and boom, it’s already made a difference,” said Moeg.
Moeg says his business has already doubled from last year, and says it is partly thanks to the Legislative Session.
“There’s an influx of people that come downtown when the session is here. there’s people coming to town to talk to them, and that just gives us a chance as far as downtown to have them come down and maybe see us,” said Moeg.
According to Vince Frye with Downtown Topeka Inc., most of the business by the Capitol are local. And he says that when Legislators are in session, restaurants usually see more traffic and business. Frye says nine buildings were bought in the downtown area in 2013 alone. All by businesses looking forward to the revitalization of Downtown Topeka, and it is a good sign for business.
“More buildings are getting bought up more businesses are thinking about coming downtown, we know the next couple years with the street project has everyone looking downtown in general. We’re seeing this as a win-win situation for downtown,” said Moeg.
Moeg says he wants he wants to see more traffic come downtown, and the legislators being in session is great start for him.
Phase one of the revitalization in Downtown Topeka has already begun, and while they work on the roads down Kansas avenue. Business owners say they will be open and excited for customers.

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