NE Kansas woman still missing after massive search

A woman from St. George is still missing as temperatures continue to drop below freezing.

56-year-old Jane Peterson of St. George has been missing since Sunday morning. The only clue right now is her car, a 1999 Toyota Tacoma found abandoned at Tuttle Cove in Manhattan.

“We don’t suspect foul play,” says Officer Mat Droge, spokesperson for the Riley County Police Department.

Droge says frigid temperatures are causing concern.

“It’s incredibly dangerous to be out in the elements, we do have interest in locating her,” Droge says.

A search involving 200 trained personnel, three canine units and two helicopters.

“Considering the area that we’re searching, it’s rough terrain, it’s wooded, a lot of hills, steep hills, it’s a number of people that’s necessary,” says Droge.

Crews turned over 500 acres of Tuttle Cove and the choppers covered even more ground.

“I haven’t been a PIO for a search that was this big,” Droge adds, “But i haven’t been a PIO while we’ve had a situation like this.”

After exhausting all efforts, the search turned up no leads. The search crew has no plans right now to go back out to Tuttle Cove this week, but officials ask anyone with information to call the Riley County Police Department or Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office.

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