Police chase turns into two-car collision

What started as a normal day for Luz Maria Rivera, quickly turned horrific.

“She is in the kitchen, like next to the window,” Translator and friend Erick Galvan says for Rivera Tuesday afternoon. “So she sees everything and said I’m scared because i think the car is coming in my house.”

Rivera doesn’t speak English, but seeing the damage makes it easier to understand how she’s feeling.

“She’s scared,” Galvan says.

Police say officers tried to stop a black Chevy Camaro at 24th and Topeka. The car started a chase through the east part of town and collided with an SUV at 4th and Golden, right on Rivera’s lawn.

“He moved a lot, shook the house, so hard,” Galvan says.

The fact that there’s a school just a few blocks away from where it all happened makes Rivera even more uneasy.

“The school is too close, like at 2:00,” Galvan says.

They say the chase shouldn’t have started in the first place.

“These girls play in the yard, what happened if they were standing there,” Galvan adds.

Topeka police declined to comment early Tuesday evening on the protocol for officers as far as how they decide to start a chase. They say this case is still being investigated.

Rivera is trying to get over what she saw.

“Shock, because I’ve never seen that you know, only in the movies,” Galvan says on her behalf.

Police have not said how serious the injuries are for the two drivers, who were both brought to Stormont Vail hospital. They also have not said why officers tried to stop the initial car in the first place.

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