Ralliers ask Kansas legislators to discuss medical marijuana

The push to legalize marijuana has become prominent in the entire country, including the Sunflower State.

Senate Bill 9 is for the legalization of medical marijuana use in Kansas. ‘Fire it up Kansas’ is a group trying to ignite discussion among legislators.

“We want them to give it a chance, give it the hearing it deserves,” says president Mike Golden. The group rallied near the Kansas Statehouse Monday afternoon with signs promoting medical marijuana.

Kansas First News political analyst Bob Beatty says with Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana, medical use of the drug seems like a more conservative option.

“So what used to be sort of a radical idea to allow medical marijuana for medical purposes is now sort of the tamer of the two,” Beatty says.

It also brings up the issue of money.

“If Kansans are acquiring marijuana for medical purposes, even if it’s illegal, the fact is, that’s money lost to the state of Kansas,” he adds.

Beatty says many who are against marijuana use believe it’s a gateway drug to other drugs.

“And for pure political reasons,” Beatty goes on to say, “I still think there’s a number of legislators who fear that if they vote for medical marijuana, that especially in a republican primary in the next election, they might be punished for that.”

‘Fire it up Kansas’ is making it clear what it wants – and asks others to do the same.

“Send a letter, send an e-mail to your legislator or call them, tell them who you are, tell them you support SB 9,” Golden says.

There are 20 states plus the District of Columbia which have legalized medical marijuana use. Colorado and Washington have also legalized recreational use of the drug.

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