Skipping ‘soda’ one day a week

A group is asking you to skip soda one day a week.

“Kansas Action Network for Children” launched its “Pass on Pop” campaign yesterday.

They hope people will make a commitment to give up soda at least one day a week.

The movement got a big boost when the reigning Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail, pledged to skip soda at least once a week.

KAC spokesperson Lauren Beatty says going without soda 52 times a year will inspire people to cut back even more.

As another campaign to get people to “pass on Pop” begins, area schools stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if they stick with a ban on selling soda in schools. That’s according to Pepsi-cola of Topeka, which has shared vending machine revenue with districts for years now.

Kansas First News Reporter Kevin Boughton reports it’s the cost of getting healthier.

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