Brownback speaks on ‘Sperm Donor Case’

Governor Sam Brownback dodged a question Friday about a controversial “Sperm Donor Case” involving a Topeka man who is receiving national attention.

On Wednesday, a Shawnee County District Judge ruled that because the artificial insemination was not facilitated by a licensed physician, it was legally not a donation and William Marotta must assume partial responsibility for the child.

Marotta provided sperm to a lesbian couple in response to an online ad, and is now the father of a child born to one of the women. He says his rights were waived when he signed a contract with the couple.

The Judge agreed with the State, and Marotta may now have to pay six thousand dollars back to the State and child support going forward.

Brownback says the court has made its decision.

“The Judge ruled in favor of the state of Kansas,” said Gov. Brownback.  “I think the statute is pretty clear on this. But I think you just have to follow the court and what their statutory interpretation has been.”

Brownback didn’t elaborate any further on his opinion.

Marotta says he plans to appeal the judge’s decision.


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