Car burglaries near county lines

HOLTON – The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two vehicle burglaries that occurred over night at two different eastern Jackson County addresses.  The first report was in the area of 17500 278th Road in northeastern Jackson County. The second was reported near 16500 134th Road in southeastern Jackson County.  In both cases, vehicles were unlocked and firearms were taken from the vehicles.  Jackson County investigators are working with neighboring counties who also had similar reports this morning.

In all these cases, suspects have targeted vehicles near the county line.  Jackson County and neighboring counties investigated similar cases back in late November 2013.  At that time two separate Jackson County rural residents near 310th and Y. Roads near the Brown and Atchison County lines became victims of theft.  In one of those cases a firearm was taken from an unlocked vehicle.  A white 90s model blazer had been seen at those burglaries.

A more recent car burglary occurred on X. Road at the Shawnee County line.  Personal property was taken from the vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages residents to keep firearms stored in secure locations and not to leave items of value in vehicles.  In addition, keep houses, sheds and vehicles locked, even in rural areas.

If anyone has information concerning these cases, please contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 785-364-2251.

If you see any suspicious activity, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.  It is possible suspects in these crimes may be armed and dangerous.




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