Shooting in East Topeka

We now know the identity of one of the victims in Wednesday’s double shooting in Topeka.

According to Police, 19-year-old Toney Williams Jr. was shot in the 2700 block of southeast Gilmore Court. The other victim is a 17-year-old whose identity is being withheld because he is a minor.

Police say both men were taken to a Topeka hospital, one with life threatening injuries.

It was initially believed that the two were shooting at each other.


Two shot and no suspects, Topeka police are investigating a shooting that happened Wednesday morning that sent two men to the hospital.

We do know that two men were taken to the hospital, one is in critical condition. Police are not releasing a lot of information right now, but here is what we know.

“Oh my gosh. Wow. That’s shocking,” said David Rigby, neighbor.

David Rigby has lived on Gilmore Court in Topeka since last July. Wednesday morning, was like no other morning he has spent at his home in the quiet neighborhood.
“I’ve never had any inkling of any problems or commotions or sirens or gun shots,” said Rigby.
Rigby’s normal routine interrupted by the sound of police sirens.
“I was inside getting ready and I heard sirens, and because of the way the buildings are — bouncing off, they kind of echo, I thought it was off the freeway. I thought ok, an accident or something off the freeway,” said Rigby.
Just after 10 Wednesday morning, at South East Gilmore Court, two people were shot in the Pine Ridge neighborhood.
“We don’t really know, I couldn’t tell you, initial thoughts are they were both shooting at each other,” said Lt. Ash Kaboudan, with the Topeka Police Department.
For Rigby, he says it does not change his feelings about the place he calls home.
“It is an unfortunate aspect of today’s society, is that things like this go on and it really doesn’t matter where you live. Its sad but its true,” said Rigby.
Police are still investigating the incident. While on scene, Topeka police pushed the crime scene back to include four buildings, a total of eight townhomes.


From Twitter:

Two shot in SE Topeka.

Most pd activity focused at this home early on. Not sure of it’s where shooting happened


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