Marysville buys Union Pacific Depot

The Union Pacific Depot in Marysville is under new ownership. The Marysville Union Pacific Preservation Society brought a proposal to the Marysville City Council Monday night, the council voted to buy the building and the three blocks surrounding it from the Union Pacific Depot for $151,000. 

The Preservation Society will buy the depot and some of the land from the city for $20,000.

They currently have no definite plans on what they will use it for, they will use it as a educational and historical purposes.

“It was so encouraging to see the room packed with supporters, including present and former U.P. employees and representatives from local organizations. Bruce delivered an outstanding presentation which outlined the progress thus far and addressed potential questions or concerns. I am ecstatic with the city’s unanimous decision and thankful for all that have contributed their time and effort in this accomplishment. I look forward to kicking off our fundraising campaign and planning the restoration of this historic gem. If anyone is interest in contributing they can reach me at 785-747-6305,, or visit the Marysville U.P. Depot Preservation Facebook page,” said Rachel Frye, member of the Marysville Union Pacific Preservation Society, in a statement to Kansas First News.

Marysville Depot  Marysville Depot Marysville Depot  Photos Courtesy: Marysville Advocate

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