Apps to help prevent texting and driving

drive and text app

Riley County Police are promoting the use of Apps that prevent you from texting while driving.

This App, “Drive Safe” tells you when you receive a text message, then reads it out loud, keeping you hands free. Others disable texting abilities when driving faster than 10 miles per hour.

Since texting while driving is the leading cause of accidents in Riley County, the law enforcement is urging people to check these Apps out.

“The behavior of just driving is important to the police department because we would like to reduce accidents as best as we can,” says RCPD Public Information Officer, Matthew Droge. “These are just an option. you still have to make that conscious effort not to allow yourself to get distracted while you’re driving.”

RCPD says if you’re caught texting while driving, it could cost you a 140 dollar ticket.


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