Homelessness in Schools

homeless in schools


Homelessness is on the rise across Kansas, especially for students.

Since 2006, the number of students without proper housing has nearly tripled to 9,000.

Tate Toedman with the Kansas Department of Education expects that number to climb even higher at the end of this school year.

“I know Wichita, I’ve talked to them a couple times this month and they’re already over 2,000 homeless students in their district but pretty consistently I’ve seen everybody that I work with on a regular basis, that have numbers increased,” says Toedman.  “I’ve had districts report and call me with asking for help who have never had homeless students before.”

In a special report tonight at 10, Kansas First News Reporter Katie Sampson will introduce us to a family that has overcome homelessness in the school system and explain how sequester cuts are making the effort to help these kids even more difficult.


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