The man who stole money from a Geary County Choir appears in court

“I noticed that things weren’t adding up and we had some questions of our business manager.”

Says Geary County Children’s Choir Director Greg Gooden saw some check statements that didn’t look right.
So, he contacted their business manager, Glen Irwin.

“At first told us deposits had been made and then later on said I didn’t deposit the cash I have that still.  So we asked him to deposit that cash and that would have been about 10,000 dollars. He emailed me and said I need to meet with you and gave us a story saying he was very sick, he is in stage four liver cancer, was on dialysis, was starting chemo and he did take the money he admitted to us.”

Gooden claims it was all a lie.

This past year the 60 member children’s choir has been raising money to go to Colorado Springs.
The price tag for the trip? 35,000 dollars.

“The funds that he took were part of the kids tuition funds and fundraising.  So it’s really kind of a positive year with everything going for us and it just kind of put a damper.  We lost a couple of kids because of it.”

Junction City Detective, Trish Giordano says the case is moving forward.

“He was arrested then he was given a 25 hundred-dollar bond through Geary County District Court and he has since bonded out on that”

It’s now in the county attorney’s hands.

“The big things is, we are still planning our trip to Colorado if we raise the funds.  It’s the kids money that he took.  I think the kids are shocked that this happened and I haven’t heard a lot from them but we’re trying to move on.”


Donate to the Geary County Children’s Choir

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