Man accused of embezzling money from childrens choir appears in court

A man who police say is responsible for embezzling 10 thousand dollars from a Geary County Children’s Choir appeared in court Thursday.

Glen Irwin was the business manager for the choir program. When the Choir Director Greg Gooden noticed a delayed deposit, he became suspicious.

Gooden says Irwin told him he had a life threatening illness and needed the money, then admitted to stealing it. Gooden claims Irwin lied about the illness.

The kids were going to use the 35 thousand dollars to travel to Colorado for a concert. Gooden says the goal is to re-raise that money with the public’s help.

“We had the money there, we were right there for that payment, that money is gone,” says Gooden. “So it jeopardized our trip, the funds that he took were part of the kids tuition funds and fundraising, we are still planning on going to Colorado if we raise the funds.”

Irwin will appear in court again in two weeks.

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