Here we snow!

Snow has started to fall & accumulate across Northeast Kansas.  It’s VERY important to realize this will be an all-day event, with snow still falling well into the overnight hours. Expect a general 8-10 inches before all is said and done. Expect a steady rate of snow to fall throughout the day with snowfall rates near 1″ per hour at times. 

This will be a more traditional snowstorm, where the winds won’t necessarily be howling to blizzard-like levels. Snow will certainly be blowing, but don’t expect winds to be much higher than 20 or 25 mph.  Needless to say, there could be some blowing and drifting snow issues with travel becoming difficult.  It will also be a light, fluffy snow…easy to shovel! 

Our Storm Track weather team will be out monitoring road conditions as they rapidly change and deteriorate. Our Storm Tracker will allow for a constant and precise view of this system as it evolves and expands over Northeast Kansas, so keep it right here at for the latest!

– Storm Track Meteorologist Tom Hagen

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