AAA has slow day during Tuesday storm

Accidents behind the wheel are lower than past snow storms, giving AAA tow truck operators a pleasantly slow shift.

AAA had 282 calls for emergency road service Tuesday through out the state.

According to officials, the advanced warnings to the public were proved a success.


This was one of three calls that AAA Night Shift Supervisor, Scott Whitcomb got Tuesday
during a storm that was expected to bring lots of snow, and accidents with it.
But that wasn’t the case.

“People have been staying at home and only going out when need be.”

Days prior to this storm, warnings were given to the public about travel through social media.
From what Whitcomb saw, people listened.

“If we weren’t ready for this storm, if the public wasn’t prepared for this storm we’d be right out doing accident after accident or tow after tow which is pulling somebody out of a ditch”

A flat tire was one of the worst things Whitcomb saw and
it seemed he had more trouble battling the elements.

For those who decided to take a quick trip to the store in weather like this, Whitcomb says to stay calm on the roads and be ready.

“Take you’re time and don’t be in a hurry there’s no need to hurry in this weather, just take you’re time.”

Whitcomb says on a day that would usually be busy ended up being quite slow.

“They already had the mindset in their head to stay home and stay off the streets.”

With the early warning, things could have been much worse.
On Tuesday, there were 282 calls for road service.
70 of those coming from Topeka.
According to AAA, since the December 21st throughout the state there has been about 11,400 road assistance calls, not including the Kansas city area.

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