Inside look at how crews clean Topeka streets

Topekans are digging out of the third largest snowfall the city has ever seen.

But when will residents will see their neighborhoods snow-free… that’s next in line.

They have a plan… and they know how to execute it.

Using GPS, road crews see where each city snow plow is located at all times.

“That’s just about as good as talking to them on the radio and you can see where they are, where they’ve been and then we can, the city workers there can direct them to where the next road needs to be treated,” City of Topeka Emergency Manager Jim Green said.

First primary roads… then secondary roads… then residential roads.

City Emergency Manager Jim Green says your street may not be touched until Thursday or Friday.

“We understand people are going to have a hard time getting out of their driveway,” Green said.

But with 22 trucks and about 1,532 lane miles of streets…

“There are so many roads to clear, that’s why it is just taking, we have to take our time doing this and do it in a methodical way,” Green said.

Emergency routes got first priority.

“In a storm like this where we went into what we call a declaration of emergency to open up the routes, the snow routes, we had to get the emergency snow routes open first,” Green said.

While they continue to work, they ask for understanding.

“If everybody’s patient and they take their time and slow down and if they see something that’s too deep and they can take another way, that would be great, but just be slow and be patient and we’ll get through this,” Green said.

After every storm, Jim Green says city officials get together to discuss what went well and what didn’t ….to prepare for the next storm.

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