Topeka Zoo to offer more for kids

The Topeka Zoo is going to offer more areas for kids this summer.

In a news conference Thursday morning, Zoo Director Brendan Wiley announced the Zoo would offer a pachyderm play area in what will become the elephant experience.

The play area will feature inflatables that will change on a weekly basis.

The Zoo will also begin a wildlife stage, where Zoo staff and animals will offer educational programs.

“When a person walks through our gate we look at it as an opportunity to really change the world to inspire them about wildlife about conservation the more we can bring people back the more opportunity we have to execute our mission.”

In June, the Zoo will offer pony rides, and July will see the return of Ice Days, when the community can take an ice cream safari through the Zoo and the return of of the ice rink.

In August the Zoo will feature a predator encounter at the Lions Pride exhibit, where 30 guests at a time can see staff work up close with the lions.

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