USD 437 bus controversy causes confusion

bus snow

As bus drivers made their way through neighborhoods this morning, a number of homes were passed because of snow covered roads.

Wednesday the USD 437 School District announced that since there were residential areas that had not been plowed, buses would not be driving those streets.

Some parents were frustrated but fewer than 50 of 6,000 students missed school today.

The district gave parents two options, drive your child to school or take an excused absence.

District Spokesman, Martin Weishaar says overall the plan worked.

“Obviously parents are very invested in this and it’s important to them and we would like to be able to have a situation where we could get to every student and that’s the way it normally is but under the circumstances today we had to make the choice of transporting the majority of the students or not providing transportation for a few in order to go forward with school.”

Weishaar says, they hope to have things back to normal Friday.

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