Emporia Zoo mourn loss of popular mountain lion

The David Traylor Zoo of Emporia Staff and Veterinarian had to make a tough decision Friday.  One of the Zoo’s most popular animals had to be euthanized due to his declining health as he battled congestive heart failure and severe osteoarthritis.   Sampson, the Zoo’s 16-year old mountain lion had continued to decline physically and Zoo staff and our Veterinarian, Dr. Richard Mendoza had exhausted all measures to assure his continued comfort.

Sampson arrived at the Zoo in 1998, as an orphan from Wyoming and quickly became a favorite for Zoo visitors.  It was not unusual to see Sampson lounging in his cave at the front of his exhibit watching visitors pass by or spending time up in his tree overseeing the entire Zoo.   Zoo Director, Lisa Keith says “Sampson has left very large paw prints on the hearts of many and he will be greatly missed.”

Memorial contributions in Sampson’s honor can be sent to the Emporia Friends of the Zoo, P.O Box 345, Emporia, Ks.  66801.

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