House Bill would put warning label on water bills

All water districts who add fluoride into water supplies artificially, could have to stick a warning label on their water bills. That is part of a bill that has been introduced into the Kansas House of Representatives. The label would warn consumers that fluoride, a chemical used in most water treatment processes, can lower the IQ in children.

House Bill 2372 would require a warning on your water bill, stating that fluoridation, a chemical process in water treatment can lower the IQ in children.

“It’s going to create a fear for the public so they’re going to want to take the fluoridation out of the water,” said Kevin Robertson, the Executive Director of the Kansas Dental Association.

The bill was introduced by Representative Steve Brunk through the Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

The Wichita Republican turned down an interview, saying he did not know enough about the bill. Brunk says he simply introduced it as a courtesy for one of his constituents.

The bill cites a modern science study, done in China on the effects of Fluoride in water and how it can lower a child’s IQ.

However, the legislation notes more studies are needed to evaluate the effects of fluoride on the body.

“The bill has no credibility at all, it’s based on false science, a study that it’s own researchers have come out and said no you can’t make a correlation between lowering iq and fluoride,” said Robertson.

The ideal concentration of fluoride that should be added to water during the treatment process is .7 parts per million, which would be .06 ounces added to an Olympic sized pool.

“Fluoride has been proven to be safe, effective and cost effective,” said Robertson.

65% of Kansas uses the artificial fluoridation process when treating their water supplies.

The bill will be heard on Tuesday, February 19th in front of the Committee on Health and Human Services.

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