Colleagues describe missing St. George woman, Kansas State employee

missingThe search continues for a St. George woman who has been missing for almost a month. Her coworkers at Kansas State University want the public to know the impact she’s had on the school.

“She was always looking out for everybody else,” says Lindsay Thompson, accountant in the Physics Department at K-State.

Someone who’d lend a hand to anyone in need – that’s how coworkers describe 56-year-old Jane Peterson.

“If you were having a bad day she would do things to try to cheer you up or always thinking of you, bring in what your favorite chocolate is that day,” Thompson adds.

The St. George woman and K-State employee of nearly 30 years has been missing since January 19th. Her car was found at Tuttle Cove in Manhattan but there have been no signs of her since.

“We still get somebody occasional will stop in the hall, have you heard anything,” says Administrative Officer for the Department of Physics, Peggy Matthews.

These friends and colleagues are trying to continue on, but say it’s difficult.
“The thing that’s, to me that feels the strangest is walking by her office and it being empty and her light off, it, you know, there’s kind of  a void, it just doesn’t feel right without her,” Thompson says.

A great employee and kindhearted person.

“Grad students and their families would have babies, she’d buy them baby clothes, you know, she just did things for people,” Matthews says.

Police interviewed several skateboarders who were at Tuttle Cove the day Peterson was reported missing. Pottawatomie County Sheriff Greg Riat tells Kansas First News he now has a better time frame of when she went missing, but still has no evidence.

“People just keep wondering,” says Matthews.

With each day that goes by, this department tries to hold onto hope.

“You don’t want to give up,” Matthews says.

Anyone who was in the Tuttle Cove area on January 19th between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. is asked to call the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office at 785-457-3353.

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