An American Presidential Collection

When it comes to presidents…our own Political Analyst Dr. Bob Beatty has presidential memorabilia covered.

For President’s Day, we checked out his impressive collection.

It’s a collection with some of the biggest names in American politics…..and it all started with the 40th President of the United States.

“When I was in high school, I had an opportunity to meet President Ronald Reagan and get his autograph…and after that, I thought a great item to collect would be autographs,” Kansas First News Political Analyst and collector Dr. Bob Beatty said.

Now, it’s expanded.

Beatty has books autographed by…. Former Presidents Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George Bush…just to name a few.

Beatty says if he can’t get the signature in person…he searches online, goes to collector’s shows….and sometimes can make a lucky find at used book shows.

“Picked up a book by Bobby Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s brother who was tragically shot in 1968 when he was running for president…so that’s my most treasured books.”

He’s even mailed books out to former Presidents.

Both Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter autographed theirs…and sent it back to Beatty.

Beatty says the worst for collectors is the dreaded generic “auto pen.”

“I don’t have a Bill Clinton autographed book yet. But, I came darn close. I met Bill Clinton, gave him a book asked him to autograph it and he said, “I’ll autograph it later and get back to you.” And when he mailed it back – it was the autopen. So, I’m still looking for that one,” Beatty said.

His collection is more than just John Hancock’s…..he also has presidential figurines.

And even signatures of those….who may next sit in the oval office.

“I do have Hillary Rodham Clinton signed book…so, I’ll be ready if she is elected president.”

Interesting fact……Beatty says that Bobby Kennedy book he found at a used book sale…..he bought it for one dollar.

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