City, county crews plan to tackle pothole problems

They’re a nuisance to drivers and can cause some serious damage – potholes.

Now you can make sure the pesky pothole in your neighborhood gets fixed.

“What happens is the concrete and stuff, actually when it gets cold it swells up and when it gets warm it expands and then the pothole gets bigger as the summer gets long,” says Jerry Corbin, Manager at Midas, Inc.

They’re inevitable. Every year potholes pop up when the weather gets just right. Shawnee County Public Works Road Superintendent Jerry King says crews plan to start patching up potholes next week.

“They go out and we make them fill the smallest of holes because anybody knows it starts out as small but it starts blowing out into a big one, we want to prevent that from happening plus we want to prevent any more moisture from getting down in the road banks,” King says.

Topeka crews are scoping out the streets as well and you can help. Using the city’s E311 app, snap a photo of the pothole, tell them the location and it creates a work order for employees to tackle.

“We saw a lot of people use it for telling us the problem snow areas, so now that the snow is clearing out we want you to tell us what you’re finding underneath where that snow was so we can address those problems,” says Suzie Gilbert, Communications Director for the City of Topeka.

Helping to get the pot holes before they get you. The city’s goal is to respond to each pothole request within 48 hours.

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