Internship opportunities for international students

An internship can open doors for students after they graduate college.

But not all countries provide that opportunity for college students.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas spoke to one student from China who is currently interning at the state capitol.

Eva Guo works closely with State Rep. James Todd.

She says learning how the American political system works isn’t easy.

“I feel confused sometimes but now I understand a lot,” Guo said.

Internship Coordinator at Washburn University, Bob Beatty says that for many exchange students it’s a completely new experience.

“The American system of government, the Kansas system of government may be very different from their home countries and in many countries there isn’t the opportunity,” Beatty said.

Guo says it’s a rare opportunity for her so she’s grateful .

“But what I do, in the political area in an internship, it’s really special and very treasured,” Guo said.

Internships help students learn work skills in a real-life environment.

Guo says she’s learning skills other students won’t have.

“What I do is very different from the intern of American students,” Guo said.

Some skills Guo’s learning include organization and scheduling for representative Todd.

Guo says that she’ll be sad when her internship ends in April, but she’ll be happy to be going home.

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