Iran rejects key demand of world powers, saying at talks it won’t scrap any nuclear facility

VIENNA (AP) — Iran has drawn a line on how far it will go at nuclear talks with the U.S. and five other world powers.

At talks in Vienna today, Iran’s deputy foreign minister rejected of a central demand of the six countries, saying his county would not buckle to pressure to scrap any of its nuclear facilities.

The talks are aimed at building on an initial deal that commits Iran to curbs on its nuclear program in return for some easing of sanctions.

Iran insists it is not interested in producing nuclear weapons, but the six powers want Tehran to back its words with concessions. They are seeking an agreement that will leave Iran with little capacity to quickly ramp up its nuclear program into weapons-making mode.

The six powers say Iran needs to dismantle or store most of its 20,000 uranium enriching centrifuges, including some of those not yet working. They also want an Iranian reactor now under construction to be scrapped or converted from a heavy-water setup to a light-water facility that makes less plutonium.

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