Topeka family stuck in Ukraine amidst protests

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Topeka family is in Kiev right now as 100 people have died amidst political protests. Back here in Topeka, the couple’s church community is praying for them.

Topekan Don Jenkins and his wife, Lisa, have adopted four children in Ukraine and are trying to bring them back to the United States.

“We really don’t have a means of protecting them other than keeping them off the streets and depending on facilitators to relocated us if necessary,” Don says. They are currently staying about a mile from the worst of the violence.

The danger keeps them inside their hotel and is forcing government offices to close. While the adoption is complete, the Jenkins need new passports printed for the kids before they can leave.

“So unnerving not knowing if the passport office is under attack, we don’t have anyone to give us any information,” Jenkins says.

As they wait, he says Tatiana, Angela, Natalie and Roman haven’t grasped the severity of the situation.

“We kind of have to be careful around them, we don’t want them to see, we can’t act as if we’re really worried about it because they’ll see that in us and I don’t want them to get, be concerned about it,” he says.

But it’s a story he’ll share with them when the time is right.

“Someday I’ll be able to explain it to them and let them know just how dangerous it was at that time,” Jenkins says.

As this family prepares to start a life together, they find comfort in these prayers thousands of miles away.

“That’s nice, knowing that we have some family and friends back home that are working to get us home as well,” Jenkins says.

Senator Pat Roberts’ office is trying to help the family get out of Ukraine. They’re working to see if they can reach out to Ukrainian officials to get them their passports.

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