Metro buses upgrade to smart fare boxes

When you get on a Topeka Metro bus on Monday, you’ll notice a change in the fare box.

Buses will now have a smart fare box, that will allow you to pay the fare in three new ways.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us about one rider who is looking forward to the change.

“I think the fare boxes are a pretty cool upgrade,” said Bruce Forinash.

Forinash rides the Topeka Metro bus every day to work.

He says the new smart fare boxes will provide flexibility for him.

“With the fare box being what it is, I can take advantage of the situation however I see fit,” said Forinash.

But don’t worry riders, the change of the new boxes won’t affect the amount for each fare.

Forinash along with all other riders will be able to pay for their fare with coins, the new 31-day pass, the 10-ride card, or the cash fare card.

Because of the system on the new boxes, riders will no longer lose money while traveling on the metro.

They’ll be able to use every dollar on their passes.

Topeka Metro’s General Manager, Susan Duffy says not only do the boxes benefit riders but also the public transit company.

“It will give us information like a rider boarded the bus at this time, at this place and that’s really important information for us,” Duffy said.

The boxes will make it easier to transition to future upgrades like the tap cards.

For more information on how to use the smart fare boxes click here.

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