Over 500 students commit to Washburn Tech next fall

Washburn Tech Career Programs

Over 500 students committed to a higher education at Washburn Tech Thursday morning.

It was similar to a letter of intent signing day, students like Austen Wolfe, 16, were a part of history.

“Something that makes me feel proud about what I’m doing is when people are sitting there and you sign the paper and hear people clapping and cheering for you.”

Wolfe isn’t signing to play college sports but for a Technical Education.
The ceremony was a first in the nation similar to NCAA signing days for athletes.

Wolfe is just one of more than 500 students who committed to attend Washburn Tech next fall.
Dean of the school, Mark Coco says these students are the future.

“I said you know the value of that signing for athletics, ours is just as valuable and we said you know what, were going to let our students know how important they are to us and how important they are to the workforce.”

It was a message read loud and clear Thursday.

About 23 of the schools programs were represented.
Even Governor Sam Brownback attended. The need for technical skills are high.

“We need people with technical skills we need to give that to students, we need them to be able to make a higher wage income off of the technical skills that they have.”

The event was streamed live on the school website and around the nation. Dean Coco says, they’re making history.

“This has never been done before so the original national letter of intent signing date began at Washburn Tech.”

“It was a lot more than I was expecting and met a bunch of really cool people that are going to be in my class, I’m really excited for the way it’s going to go.”

Now for these students the countdown for next school year begins.

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