Truck Drivers take precaution in bad weather

Commuters and truckers were having a tough time with the wind and snow Thursday. But truck drivers have to keep rolling.

Adrian Bingley has been roughing the roads for five years, hauling loads from point A to point B.

“This winter has been the worst since I’ve been out there,” said Bingley.

He has encountered a lot of problems on the road, the worst, the weather.

“It gets scary sometimes, you know? I mean a little gust of wind, with these big trucks, if I have a tarp a load, it’s like a big parachute, so I catch all the wind, it’ll blow you either way off the road,” said Bingley.

In the State of Kansas alone, the trucking industry accounts almost 77,000 jobs in the state, that is one our of 14 Kansas Residents. Bingley says, when bad weather hits, a driver has two choices, to keep going and make money or to pull over until the storm passes.

“There’s a lot of super truckers out there, and those are the ones you’ll see in the ditches, you got to respect mother nature,” said Bingley.

As of 2010, trucks hauled more than 262,000 pounds a day through the state, that is about the same weight as 17 and a half elephants.

Bingley says even though he has a job to do, his family is more important.

“The load is not more important than your life, ” said Bingley.

The Kansas Motor Carriers Association says on average, there is one fatal crash involving a large truck for every 100 million road miles.

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