Seaman Middle School student awarded for helping kids in his community

Get involved with TopSoccer

On saturday 8th grader, Treven Broxterman was honored for his work in the TOPSoccer Program” and named the TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year.
For the past two years he’s dedicated his time and friendship to teaching others with disabilities how to play the game.

“I like to see these kids out there having fun it’s also kind of helped me get through some tough times”

Treven suffers from a form of Cerebral Palsy on his right side.
He says, it’s helped form a bond that cant be broken.

” I feel like I can connect with these kids better than most people can because, I kind of, I don’t know exactly what they’re going through but I have an idea of what they’re going through with their disabilities and how it affects them.”

The person who nominated Treven, Carrie Ogonowski says his dedication has made the program better.

“He shows up every week and he’s excited to work with the kids. He has such a positive out look so I think it encourages players to come back and participate which is great and they look forward to seeing him and he looks forward to seeing them.”

Treven says, at the end of the day, he hopes the kids enjoy themselves.
“Hopefully it’s had a positive impact on them as well as it has on me.”

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