Classmates remember Seaman High cheerleader after fatal car accident

Students at Seaman High School are honoring the memory of one of their own.

Sophomore Alayna Hutchison died in a car accident Sunday night and her passenger, junior Jalen Healds is recovering from serious injuries.

“She was always just smiling and laughing and her smile made everyone laugh with her,” says friend and classmate, Brett Broadbent.

Monday morning that smile was missing, and the laughter turned to silence.

“Especially first hour, we all just kind of sat in silence just thinking about her and what she meant to us all,” Broadbent says.

He and more than 50 other classmates honored Alayna by wearing her favorite color, pink, after they heard the news of her tragic death.

“She liked to talk, she was a people person, she had a lot of friends and a lot of people cared about her,” says Broadbent.

Others took to Twitter, using the hashtag Seaman Strong to show their support for this cheerleader and soccer player, who was also involved with the student newspaper and school play.

“She is someone that a lot of students did know because she was in so many activities,” says Principal Ron Vinduska, “And I think it tends to affect a few more people than it could have.”

Vinduska says counselors are on hand for students struggling with this tragedy.

“You really don’t know what to say but you try to be caring and maybe have kids focus a little bit on their mortality and to realize that life can be taken from them at any time and you have to be prepared for that eventuality,” Vinduska says.

A reality friends wish could have spared a life with so much joy and promise.

“The Seaman community all cares for her and just hope that her parents and her family can get through this,” Broadbent adds.

Tuesday is senior night for the Seaman High basketball teams. Students are trying to get as many people as possible to go to the game and wear pink in honor of Alayna.

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