February snow event recap

(City of Topeka)

Summary of Event

City crews began responding to the latest storm at 1 a.m. Tuesday, February 4th.  Equipment operators from street maintenance and water pollution control collaborated to begin single lane plowing of all emergency routes as part of the City’s storm response phase.  During this period, crews utilized 10 street maintenance, one water department, and four water pollution control plow and spreader trucks to keep all arterials and collectors open during snow fall.  These 15 trucks maintained the roadways as the storm passed.

Snow stopped falling around 1 a.m. Wednesday, February 5th, at which time workers began plowing all emergency, primary, and secondary routes curb-to-curb.  At that time, staff from forestry and traffic operations divisions were added to the equipment operator pool to allow the addition of five motor graders and four two-ton plow trucks, to increase the City plow fleet to 24 vehicles.  The City’s 24 vehicles and 6 additional contractor vehicles continued plowing operations until Saturday evening.  Crews were called back in to work on Sunday morning (2/9), when another system brought another inch of snow.  They continued to address street issues through the end of the day Friday (2/14).

More than a 1035 calls, and Topeka e311 service requests were submitted during this time.

We have 24 front line plow vehicles and about 40 city staff to plow the nearly 1600 lane miles in the city.

Contractors brought in two motor graders, two plow trucks, four large wheel loaders, and 23 large dump trucks that were used to haul snow.

Plowing occurs at approximately 10 MPH in residential areas because of vehicles, curbing, and driveways.

City crews plowed about 680 lane miles of road and treated 1,000 as part of the emergency, primary, and secondary plan, using 1945 tons of enhanced deicer.

Cost of the Event

The estimated labor cost of the storm was $135,000.  The total material cost was $129,355.  The total equipment cost was $149,795.  We estimate the total cost of the storm to be nearly $450,000.

We contract with Shawnee County to assist and compensate them for time and materials at agreed upon rates, but these cost will not be billed for 30 days.

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