Dealership will not have fix for GM recall until April

General Motors has recalled nearly 1.4 million cars nationwide…..but drivers may not be able to get it fixed until April.

A local GM dealership says they haven’t received a notice or parts for the repair.

The company says the recall is since the ignition could turn off while in motion.

the recall is intended to correct an ignition switch problem that can cause the key to move into the accessory or off position.

Ed Bozarth’s General Manager Chris Spargo says they are waiting for a recall list with VIN numbers of affected vehicles.

GM has said replacement parts won’t be available until early April.

The recall is for cars built between 2003 and 2007 and involves 13 deaths.

The Topeka dealership is telling car owners to lighten their key chains, only using the ignition key to prevent a malfunction.

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